Robert Corio Designs has been in operation for over forty years. Our passion, dedication, and love for jewelry has only grown as we continue to delight customers with a piece they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.



Robert Corio Designs parent company, Designs International, owned by Robert Corio himself, is custom to worldwide travel and participation in trade shows, keeping its vision fresh and its designs on the cutting edge. A full staff and extensive factory facilities ensure timely production and shipping.


Established in 1974, Robert Corio's single and unbending philosophy is that jewelry should be made in the way the art form calls for. Whether that means new technology or old. Pieces can be designed on a computer and made using rapid prototype machines, or made using the traditional techniques that jewelers have used for thousands of years.


After more than forty years of goldsmithing and a family tradition in the field that stretches back more than ninety years, Robert Corio knows exactly what he expects of the jewelry that bears his name, and he knows how to achieve that effect. 


  • Custom Jewelry Design in 18k Gold and/or Platinum
  • Laser Engraving, Welding, and Cutting
  • Jewelry Repairs 
  • Ring Sizing

and much more


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